Sunday, February 13, 2011

Next stop: Germany

My "Big Deal Summit" roadshow heads to Germany next. I decided to drive to Walldorf, the SAP HQ near Frankfurt. It took about 5 hours from Paris and was mostly rolling farmland until I entered Germany which was more forested.

Something else odd happened when I entered Germany. France has speeding cameras, so I watch the GPS closely to make sure I am not driving faster than the limit, especially in areas known to have the cameras. After entering Germany the GPS showed my speed, but not the limit. I was confused until I remembered that the *autobahn* does not have a speed limit!

Well, I decided this was the opportunity the see how "Silky" (as named by Leila- our little Mini clubman diesel) performs. The photo here is of the speedometer at 160 kph (that's 100 mph for you state-siders!). A bit later I got her up to 178 kph before I ran out of road, and she was very stable at that speed. I still do not know what her top end is. Not bad for a car that gets 45 mpg and fits into Paris' smallest parking spot!

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